WCS LTD.’s Early Stage Collect Program (WESC)

Running a business in this day and in this economy, is difficult enough as it is. With the help of WCS LTD.’s Early Stage Collect (WESC) Program, your team can begin pre-collections procedures on all of your debtors right now. Most of all, your time will be freed up to work on more pressing matters. It is through the implementation of WCS LTD.’s Early Stage Collect (WESC) Program that you will see a decrease in your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and increase your company cash flow.

WCS’s Early Stage Collect (WESC) Program process begins 30 days prior to traditional 3rd party collections, ideally starting at day 60. Our unique process is not only a more polite and civil way to alert those in debt to you that payment is needed, it is more effective while increasing your corporate bandwidth.

WCS Early Stage Collect (WESC) Program, has been crafted with decades of domain expertise. Our process always considers and respects your customer relationship despite the delinquency. Once the 30-day pre-collections period is over, we verify the status of your WESC account(s). Then, upon confirmation, escalation occurs to WCS LTD.’s industry leading, strategic 3rd party, commercial collections efforts.

For 35 years, WCS LTD. has been proud to be one of the most respected names in the commercial collections industry. We look forward to working with your company to obtain the monies that are rightfully yours.

You can speak with a WCS representative to learn more about how to get WCS’s Early Stage Collect Program (WESC) for free.

WCS’s Early Stage Program sends 3 timed “soft demand” WCS LTD. letters and custom telephone messages to reach your delinquent customer prior to 3rd party collection efforts.

3 early stage / pre-collection letter program

  • Timed one week apart
  • Soft, professional tone
  • Each letter directs your customers to call or pay you
  • Includes your payment portal URL or your payment address
  • All fulfillment is handled by WCS


3 early stage pre-collection telephone messages

  • Scheduled for maximum penetration
  • Soft, professional tone
  • Each message directs your customers to call and/or pay you
  • Includes your payment portal URL (optional)
  • Includes your company’s call back number as caller ID
  • Generates increased awareness / catalyst for payment
  • Reduces in-house collection letters, calls, related cost and your time
  • Simple process
  • Reduces collection agency placement related overhead
  • Reduction of collection fee loss
  • Allows you to assign those more problematic accounts to third party collection sooner in the default cycle with confidence
  • Suspend further pre-collect activity immediately
  • Seamless transition to 3rd party placement
  • Open option to engage WCS’s full collection services on a no collection – no charge basis at a later date should your account remain unpaid

Choose your plan


25 Accounts
$ 250 Annually


60 Accounts
$ 500 Annually


100 Accounts
$ 1000 Annually

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