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Reporting and Communication

Established in 1982, Williams, Charles & Scott LTD. – (WCS) is a global leader in both the Domestic and International Commercial Collections Industry, providing prompt, personal, and effective service. With a diversified clientele on both the Domestic and International level, we have established a track record of excellence in handling all types of Commercial accounts. We are also longstanding members of the American Collectors Association (ACA) and since 1987, are holders of the Certificate of Compliance from the agency section of the Commercial Law League of America.

WCS provides excellent monthly status reports so you are always informed on your accounts placed. We remit automated status reports to your email every month. These status reports are seamlessly generated so you are always informed on your accounts.

Additionally, pertinent data on closed files is stored on our central servers. It is retrievable and available to our collectors as well as to our clients. Our company’s philosophy is to provide our clients with computerized reports and personal memorandums for “up-to-the-minute” status on all debtors.

You can learn more about specific instances below.

Online Creditor Account Access

All clients will receive a password along with your client ID to access your accounts online and be able to generate custom formatted reports to either review or print.

Claim Acknowledgement

After placement of your account(s), you will be promptly advised via email notice that the account has been entered into our system. If we should have questions regarding your placement, a representative of WCS will contact you via telephone to discuss further. WCS will keep your office apprised of all pertinent developments as they occur. All collections received on your behalf shall be reported to your office within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt thereof. A full accounting of all payments received will be made available to you three (3) weeks after deposit along with your funds.

Payment Advices

Clients are notified of all payments received by WCS within 24 hours after deposit of the debtor’s check. Remittances covering collections made on domestic matters will be sent to you exactly three (3) weeks after deposit of the debtor’s check.

Open Claims Status Report

These reports are available upon request. This report shows a listing of all pending matters, placement dates, amounts collected, and present status (prognosis).

Management Reports

A complete computerized analysis of all claims placed with WCS can be provided to all of our clients. This report offers facts and figures that clients should be aware of, such as agency effectiveness, client costs (our fees), attorney data, uncollectible claim data, etc.

Special Communication & Bulletins

Our staff will utilize this service when it is pertinent that the client be immediately informed of a situation.

Custom Reports

Clients that have any special needs or wants; WCS is able to accommodate any unique requirements that will assist you in managing your accounts placed for collections. Please contact us at sales@wcscollects.com to inquire about any special reporting needs that your office may require.

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