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Established in 1983, Williams, Charles & Scott LTD. – (WCS) is a global leader in both the Domestic and International Commercial Collections Industry, providing prompt, personal, and effective service. With a diversified clientele on both the Domestic and International level, we have established a track record of excellence in handling all types of Commercial accounts. We have been members of the American Collectors Association (ACA) for over 33 years, as well as instrumental and guiding members of the most respected commercial collections associations in the industry.

We fully realize that debt collections is a people business. There are no computers attempting to do the job in lieu of our collection staff. Our goal is, however, to make use of the best in modern office and automated equipment to keep efficiencies and effectiveness of our communication with our debtors to a maximum while keeping clerical overhead to a minimum. This enables the staff at WCS to devote more time to our clients and their accounts, reports, and their unique needs.

We understand our roles in that we are problem solvers. Most of our debtor organizations find themselves in situations that they didn’t expect to be in. Through strategic demand letter employment and skilled negotiation tactics we are able to create the traction on delinquent accounts that other agencies can’t.

WCS utilizes a Nationwide Network of attorneys who specialize in creditor representation, thus enabling us to select the right law firm to successfully handle client accounts. Our data files on these attorneys enable us to select the right law firm to handle the particular case successfully. On significant accounts, where legal intervention is likely, we will request authorization to run additional pay-per-use reports.

This service is designated for claims greater than $25,000, we offer special low rates. It is an effective service designated for claims requiring special handling by Senior Management.

On all substantial problem cases, if the full amount cannot be extracted immediately, we will advise you of the proposed work out arrangement for your acceptance. Attempts will always be made to secure work-outs with written guarantees, both corporate and personal.

Our years of experience in the collection industry with high dollar situations insure you of maximum cash recovery and regenerated profits for your company. Please contact the executive staff at sales@wcscollects.com to speak about your major claim matter or to request an endorsement of success from a number of our clients.

With our easy to use software and our unrivaled data/service partners, rest assured of being 100% FCRA compliant. If you have questions, our local, highly-trained, elite customer support team is here to help.

  • Nationwide NetPlus
  • Verifications
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
  • State-Wide Criminal
  • Record Search
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • Federal Court Record
  • Search
  • Employment Credit Check
  • 5, 9 & 10 Panel Drug Testing
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This is our specialty. From the Caribbean to Australia, throughout Europe and Asia, we have amicably and expeditiously collected a vast majority of the claims in these areas.

We have established close ties with private investigators, international attorneys, consulates, and other global business contacts that are knowledgeable in commercial collections and are available to handle even the most difficult cases when our efforts have been unsuccessful.

With the wherewithal and knowledge attained from years and years of experience, we have the ability to collect in almost every country, convert almost any currency into U.S. Dollars, clear your international checks, and reconcile your international banking problems.

This service is especially designed for high volume, low dollar delinquencies. WCS has an effective ‘dunning’ service which will turn small receivables back into cash quickly. WCS is able to create a customized letter series either for smaller balance account batches or on a pre-collection basis at a nominal cost.

With the utilization of the latest in software and web based technology, WCS uses skip tracing to identify, locate, and contact debtors with efficiency and effectiveness.

Believe it or not, companies actually conceal their business identity to avoid payment in case they run into financial troubles. WCS can locate your debtor through what we call Reverse Search Triangulation. This allows us to locate the debtor in innovative and industry leading, non-standard ways. Which lets WCS to catch the debtor ‘off guard’ and make immediate inroads in recovering your debt.

As a normal course of business, WCS will go beyond the debtor’s facade and skip trace at no extra charge on all accounts placed.

Clients are able to send placements from an existing system to ours via our web portal or via various forms of media with minimal lag time at no additional cost to our clients. Please email sales@wcscollects.com to discuss this time and money saving service.

The success of our international recovery efforts are due to our ability to respond to our clients’ needs. Additionally, we utilize fully translated demand letters to recover your funds from Spanish speaking debtors when needed.

WCS uses the latest in technology solutions to create payment opportunities which accelerate liquidation of your debtor account. These technology solutions allow the staff at WCS to recover your debts via “checks by phone,” one time payments, via overnight courier, wire transfer, as well as automatic withdrawals for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments. The following is a growing list of additional payment tools that WCS employs for every client.

  1. Check by phone processing
  2. Credit card processing
  3. International & domestic wire
  4. Overnight courier express
  5. Check verification
  6. Electronic NSF resubmission