About Us

Our Corporate Philosophy

The mission of WCS is to continually expand and improve our services to exceed customer requirements and accommodate their evolving accounts receivables needs. WCS will accomplish our mission with integrity, diligence, and a synergistic approach that allows us to continue to be a distinctive leader in the commercial collections industry. All while effectuating professional and ethical recovery efforts on assigned debtor accounts.

It is our duty as a commercial collections intermediary to be aware of the best methods of communication, technology, negotiation, and relevant laws. All of which we apply daily for the benefit of our customers.

As a leader in commercial collections, the corporate philosophy of WCS is:

  • Addressing our clients with complete integrity and morality – not only to do it right, but to do the right thing.
  • Protecting our clients from further inconvenience and unnecessary expense related to their past due receivables.
  • Being a single source provider of receivables recovery and payment solutions for our clients.
  • Accommodating the growth and success of our clients.
  • Continually expanding and improving our services to meet and exceed clients evolving needs.
  • Using a team approach for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintaining a level of corporate reinvestment into our staff, associates, processes, systems, education, training, infrastructure, physical facilities and technology to foster growth and effectiveness at WCS.
  • Carrying out the tradition of excellence that has been synonymous with our trade name. And acting on the values brought to our clients since our inception by WCS’s founder, Stephen Weiss.

About Our Firm

Established in 1983, Williams, Charles & Scott LTD. (WCS) is a global leader in both the Domestic and International Commercial Collections Industry, providing prompt, personal, and effective service. With a diversified clientele on both the Domestic and International level, we have established a track record of excellence in handling all types of Commercial accounts. We have been members of the American Collectors Association (ACA) for over 33 years, as well as instrumental and guiding members of the most respected commercial collections associations in the industry.

We fully realize that debt collections is a people business. There are no computers attempting to do the job in lieu of our collection staff. Our goal is to make use of the best in modern office and automated equipment. This keeps efficiencies and effectiveness of our communication with our debtors to a maximum while keeping clerical overhead to a minimum. This enables the staff at WCS to devote more time to our clients and their accounts, reports, and achieving our mission.

We understand our roles in that we are problem solvers. Most of our debtor organizations find themselves in situations that they didn’t expect to be in. Through strategic demand letter employment and skilled negotiation tactics we are able to create the traction on delinquent accounts that other agencies can’t.

Recovery Specialists

Each year Williams, Charles & Scott LTD. receives thousands of claims from almost every state and from abroad. We hold long standing business relationships with clients across the United States, as well as representing major international firms. At WCS we must not only be familiar with the peculiarities of the laws and recovery procedures of the 50 states, but we must be aware of what must be done in order to collect quickly and voluntarily. Our recovery services are supported by full legal involvement for any of your accounts where litigation is deemed the most appropriate course of action.

Furthermore, we are both bonded and insured and maintain a trust account for all recovered funds. Our collection procedures are not based upon guesswork. Our procedures are grounded in debtor research, hard facts, and a wealth of foresight and knowledge that has been acquired through years of hands on experience.

Doing business in the 21st century requires us to be specialists in using the latest computer and web based technologies to search, locate, contact, and recover on your account from your principal debtor before competing creditors do.

Our staff are professionals who know the importance of cash flow, cash recovery and regenerated profits and are seasoned recovery specialists. Thousands of dollars are spent investing in the continuing education of our team to maintain the high performance standards we know you require. Our staff is always ready with the skills to serve you.

You can reach WCS at any time via our contact form.