About Us

Our Corporate Philosophy

The mission of WCS is to continually expand and improve our services to exceed customer requirements and accommodate their evolving accounts receivables needs. WCS will accomplish our mission with integrity, diligence, and a synergistic approach that allows us to continue to be a distinctive leader in the commercial collections industry, all the while effectuating professional and ethical recovery efforts on assigned debtor accounts.

It is our duty as a commercial collections intermediary to be aware of the best methods of communication, technology, negotiation, and all applicable laws so we may apply them daily for the benefit of our customers.

As a leader in commercial collections, the corporate philosophy of WCS is:

  • To address our clients with complete integrity and morality – not only to do it right, but to do the right thing.
  • To protect our clients from any further inconvenience and unnecessary expense related to their past due receivables.
  • To be a single source provider of receivables recovery and payment solutions for our clients.
  • To accommodate the growth and success of our clients by continually expanding and improving our services to meet and exceed clients evolving needs.
  • To use a team approach for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To maintain a level of corporate reinvestment into its staff, business associates, processes, systems, education, training, infrastructure, physical facilities and technology to foster growth and effectiveness of WCS.
  • To carry out the tradition of excellence that has been synonymous with our trade name and to carry out the values brought to our clients since our inception by WCS’s founder, Stephen Weiss.